The Nano-Devices and Advanced Materials lab has several cryogenic systems that allow study of the diffrent physical phenomena that occure in the nanometric scale. For that purpose, We use systems that take advantage of Hall Sensor technique and Magneto-Optiacl Kerr Effect, as well as various transport investigations. These systems are designed for operation in a wide range of temperatures (2K to 400K), variable magnetic fields up to 16 T, and application of AC fields in various directions.

For the research and development conducted in our lab, we use several apparatuses stationed in our lab, in addition to the facilities of the BINA. The diffrent facilties of the BINA range from Electron Microscopy and Nano-Fabrication, to Fluorescence. The apparatuses stationed in our lab give us the edge in making nano-scale samples and devices. We utilize various evaporation methods, and a dedicated probe station for sample mounting and testing.